Our inspiration

“The Rolex of Fine Art Printing”

There are many new trends in Interior Design and the Fine Art Market, from Living Walls to Biophillic Design, from an increase in collecting photography to wanting the freedom to install your Fine Art anywhere you wish, whenever you wish.

ARGENTA came about after repeated requests from clients wanting something different for their walls. They were commissioning bespoke art work and photography but wanted to be sure there was not only value added, but also quality, durability, beauty and collectibility. After researching different finishes, many print houses, printing procedures and experts, we discovered this process which gives each ARGENTA longevity, beauty but also the added advantage that as a collector you can install and move your piece of ARGENTA anywhere you wish, from bedrooms to wet rooms. Each piece is printed on archival water-proof, fire retardant metal (silver and white, matt and glass finishes) and our Signature Collection is hand-etched on the back by the artists, making each ARGENTA you buy or commission, a stunning collectible pice of  fine art.

Bespoke Collections

We are constantly sourcing and selecting new photographers and artists to represent on ARGENTA. These works can be seen in our Gallery and in our catalogues.

In addition to the stunning collection of fine art and photographic prints we showcase, our point of difference, is that we ALSO source and commission photographers and artists BESPOKE for you. From commercial studio work in Hong Kong to family groups in Hertfordshire, from devotional monks in Nepal to aerial photography in Indonesia, we photograph whatever story, memory or moment you wish. Letting the light shine from the moment we see it in camera through to fusing the image and energy onto ARGENTA and installing it in your home or office.

We have photographic drone pilots, wildlife and underwater photographers, architectural imaging specialists, space photographers and many more. And all are Fine Art photographers. As well as photography and art, we have a hand-selected team of artists and illustrators who can overlay visuals or create stunning typography and quotations bespoke for your needs.

We look forward to working with you. Call our Director on +447747025361 or email her on design@argentacreative.com