Anup Shah

Anup Shah has shot 8 full length stories for National Geographic and has had featured in nearly 100 features in every major magazine in the world. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, he spent his childhood visiting the Nairobi National Park and watching the wild animals roaming in their natural environment.
After three university degrees at the London School of Economics he returned to Kenya and developed his passion for wildlife photography, hitting the sweet spot between documentary and fine art photography.
The journey began with the publication of three photography driven books (The Circle of Life, African Odyssey and Serengeti Spy) for the New York art publisher, Abrams.
This was followed by Tales from Gombe (published by The Natural History Museum, London), a photographic study of wild chimpanzees with his wife, Fiona Rogers.
His latest book, The Mara, published in 2016 by The Natural History Museum (London), is an attempt to have the viewer feel what it is like to be intimate with wild animals and thereby feel a primeval connection. The distinctive style of photography is characterized by an unusual perspective that serves to impart immediacy, intimacy, involvement and inclusion. The viewer might as well be immersed in the private space of a wild animal, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually, breathing the special air of the wild.
Anup was featured in The World’s Top Wildlife Photographers book (Rotovision 2004) and in Horzu magazine (February 2010) as one of the five best wildlife photographers in the world. He is one of the ten ‘Masters’ featured in the book, Masters of Nature Photography (Natural History Museum 2013).


Our primary collection of Monochrome imagery from our hand picked photographers. We are commissioned by clients to produce mosaics of city scapes, details, documentary imagery of their manufacturing as well as portraiture and abstracts inspired by what they do.

David Newton – Landscapes

Dave Newton is a professional photographer and filmmaker with a love for the outdoors, travel and natural world. He is brand ambassador for the biggest brands in the imaging industry (Canon, SanDisk, Manfrotto, Lastolite). Dave has a degree in Marine Biology and MSc course in Biological Photography and Imaging at Nottingham University. He went on to became a picture editor at the Natural History Picture Agency and technical editor of EOS Magazine. “Given my obsessive, curious nature, that was pretty much everything – landscapes, travel, portraits, wildlife, sport… actually anything but weddings.”

Morgan Fisher – mirrorscapes

Upon leaving high school, Morgan immediately began an active and ongoing international life as a musician. Artists Morgan has played keyboards with include The Love Affair (#1 hit in 1968), Mott the Hoople (produced by David Bowie), Yoko Ono, Queen, and members of R.E.M and Y.M.O. These days he may be called upon to compose stylish TV and film music, create meditation music in a Zen temple, or jam with classic rock and blues bands. Morgan has even played samba in Brazil and world music in China.

All his life Morgan has pursued photography as an art, as well as documenting his musical life using still and movie cameras. Since moving to Japan in 1985 he has specialised in and refined his own style of abstract photography, a kind of visual music, or “light painting” involving spontaneous, free movement of the camera and/or the light source. He utilises the finest digital equipment to create his images, which display a depth and subtlety more akin to painting than photography.

Equally close to his creative heart are his solo live performances, improvised on a variety of rare vintage and modern keyboards while projecting his light paintings; they are a true synthesis of sound+light – unpredictable, uplifting, and inspiring.

Adriaan van Heerden

Adriaan van Heerden is an award-winning international fine art photographer, exhibiting in London, Brussels, Kyoto and Singapore, with work held in collections in UK, USA and South Africa and published in international newspapers and magazines.
“It is in poetry that the Universe reveals itself to us at its most mysterious and beautiful. Living as we do in a data-saturated societies with impossible standards of perfection, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that it is in the absence of information that creates space for the imagination to play, and the beauty of things is often revealed in their brokenness, fragility and imperfection. I aim to capture this poetic vision in two dimensions of photographs. I believe that poetry is all around us.”

London Collection

Bespoke photography for luxury interiors and exteriors London images of the city, Trafalgar Square, the Thames, bridges, London Eye, Houses of Parliament and more