ARGENTA – Painting with Light, Morgan Fisher

Morgan Fisher – Upon leaving high school, Morgan immediately began an active and ongoing international life as a musician. Artists Morgan has played keyboards with include The Love Affair (#1 hit in 1968), Mott the Hoople (produced by David Bowie), Yoko Ono, Queen, and members of R.E.M and Y.M.O. These days he may be called upon to compose stylish TV and film music, create meditation music in a Zen temple, or jam with classic rock and blues bands. Morgan has even played samba in Brazil and world music in China.

All his life Morgan has pursued photography as an art, as well as documenting his musical life using still and movie cameras. Since moving to Japan in 1985 he has specialised in and refined his own style of abstract photography, a kind of visual music, or “light painting” involving spontaneous, free movement of the camera and/or the light source. He utilises the finest digital equipment to create his images, which display a depth and subtlety more akin to painting than photography.

Light paintings are abstract photographs created by the movement of a camera.

Equally close to his creative heart are his solo live performances, improvised on a variety of rare vintage and modern keyboards while projecting his light paintings; they are a true synthesis of sound+light – unpredictable, uplifting, and inspiring. Look out for an installation reception hosted by ARGENTA. To find out more please contact us.

These are just a selection of his stunning works which span his time in Japan. If you would like a private view of these please contact our Director. for a personal view of his portfolio. “One of my lasting and special memories of meeting Morgan for the first time, we had tea at the CafeRoyale and ended up singing to an Aretha Franklin number over cucumber sandwiches. Love him to bits, he is such a talented artist and has creativity oozing out of him!” Vanessa Champion, Founder and Lead Creative for ARGENTA.


BRUSHLESS SERIES: these are just the most beautiful series. They look wonderful as triptychs or stand alone pieces. If you would like them hand-etched on the back by the Artist we can organise that for you. We have more pieces which we can show you if you would like to view these or any other work by Morgan, please contact us on +447747025361 and our Director would be happy to show you privately his work.